“Considering our rate of growth, managing our car fleet was not a small task.
This was obvious from the maintenance costs and the fines.

Thanks to the GeoDynamics system, these problems are ancient history now.
At any time of the day, we can control all the cars, the maintenance data and the working hours, and plan the tasks proactively.”

Olaf Reyntjens
company manager, Clima & Partners

A company manager is always busy with a thousand and one tasks and therefore lacks the time for many other projects.
Fortunately, an intelligent software can help him lighten his workload so that he can focus on the essential tasks once again.
Track and trace and time management are the solution.
Discover all the advantages below.

Monitor the cars and the drivers

As a company manager, you don’t want to waste your time monitoring your drivers.
After all, if everyone does their job, everything will run smoothly in the company.

However, you must be able to find your driver very quickly if there is a problem.

Fortunately, that’s possible thanks to track and trace.

You connect to the software.
You see where the driver is
You guide him with the help of our channels
If that isn’t a time saving, what is?


Handle the salaries correctly

There is nothing more fastidious than processing the salaries of mobile workers.
They note their hours on pieces of paper that they hand in to the supervisor for processing.

That makes you, the company manager, lose so much time and money:

  1. The accuracy of the hours,
  2. The cost of processing the hours,
  3. Processing and stocking the papers.
  4. Our time management allows you to save time and money.

We ensure the automatic registration and processing without using paper.


Controlling the costs

Do you have a car fleet manager or a manager responsible for the equipment in your enterprise?

In that case, you are an exception!
You would be surprised to know how much money you can lose due to

a poorly maintained car fleet,
the absence of proactive processing of your papers (insurance, leasing contracts, etc.),
poor inventory of your equipment,
poor utilisation of your equipment.
Fortunately, you don’t need to write an employment offer. Because our software is the perfect solution.


Perfect security

The cars, the buildings, the equipment, etc. Calculate the value of everything that is in your company.

You will soon reach a high amount.

There is nothing more annoying than a theft or a break-in.

Our intelligent solutions help you in your fight for perfect protection.

  • Track and Trace
  • Access control
  • Intelligent alarms


Would you like to know how much time you can save?
Put your trust in our know-how and let us convince you with a free demonstration.