Do you want to make the most of your track & trace system? In several cases, you can now import your data into various packages.
Your benefits? More precise information, additional ideas and much-enhanced automation!

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ERP systems

More and more companies in the building, installation, and service sectors realise that the control of their projects escapes them.
Because of increased competition and margins under pressure, the need for perfect forecast and retroactive calculations has never been felt so acutely.

That accounts for the many ERP systems on the market.
Also, because it is these systems that make complex processes, such as proactive calculation, measurement states, tenders, and retroactive calculations accessible by most.

But, how do you manage this “time” component? Do you use averages or estimations?
Fortunately, you can also use the real hours registered thanks to our timestamping and our integration with various ERP systems.

Social secretariats

Salary administration is more complex than ever.
Whereas previously, you could easily capture the hours performed in your system, today you have to take several extra things into account, such as loading and unloading, mobility allowances, etc.

Fortunately, our mobile timestamping system enables you to save valuable time.
Furthermore, all the complex components (such as mobility allowances, for example) are registered with the precision of a watchmaker.

Is your salary administration ready? In that case, thanks to our connections, you can quickly import the hours performed into the majority of social secretariats.

Other software suites

Many systems on the market use our data to centralise the information further.

That goes from fleet management software, to HR tools through intuitive access control or accounting software.