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GeoDynamics NV (hereinafter referred to as “GeoDynamics”, “we”) predominantly uses cookies to improve your browsing experience on All the data that GeoDynamics extracts from these cookies is anonymous and is only used to understand the customer experience on the website with the aim of improving the performance and usability of this website.

What is a cookie?

Other names for a cookie are HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie. These cookies are normally small text files that are sent from a website to be stored in a user’s web browser while a user is surfing a website. If a user then accesses the same website in the future to browse it, the website can retrieve any data that has been stored in the cookie so that it can find out about the user’s previous browsing activity. Cookies were designed so that they could be a reliable way in which websites were able to remember the status of the website or any activity that the user had carried out previously. They assist in optimising your visit to the website, remembering any technical choices you might have made (for example the language of the website, newsletter choices, etc), as well as being able to show you services and offers that are more relevant to you. If you want to use the website, GeoDynamics recommends that you make sure cookies are enabled. If you wish, you always have the choice of not enabling them.

Cookies may include: having clicked on specific buttons, recording of the pages visited by the user, even months or years ago. Although cookies cannot contain viruses and cannot install malware on the guest computer, tracking cookies and especially third-party tracking cookies are often used as a way to compile long-term data of the browsing history of individuals.

Types of cookies

  • Essential cookies: these are cookies required for solely technical reasons so that you are able to visit the website. These cookies guarantee the basic functions and security features of the website. Since these cookies are required for technical purposes, the only applicable obligation is an information obligation; these cookies are set as soon as you visit the website.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies make sure that all parts of the website optimally function. The cookies are required to make sure that the website functions properly and securely (e.g. cookies relating to helpdesk cases or registration processes, language preferences, etc.).
  • Non-functional cookies: these cookies can be stored for statistical/analytical, social, targeting and commercial purposes. They have nothing to do with the purely technical support of a website. Cookies with statistical/analytical objectives allow checking which pages of the website you visit, where your computer is located, etc. Cookies with social objectives make it possible for the user to share the content of the visited website directly via social media with others. Cookies with targeting objectives allow for building a profile based on your surfing behaviour so that the displayed advertisements are tailored to your interests. Cookies with commercial objectives keep track of how many and which advertisements were shown to a user. Non-functional cookies can be first-party or third-party cookies.
  • First-party cookies: these are cookies that are stored by a website that is currently being visited by the user (e.g. cookies stored by GeoDynamics/mini-sites of GeoDynamics.
  • Third-party cookies: these are cookies that are stored by a domain name other than that of the website visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a third party stores a cookie through that website, then this is a third-party cookie (e.g. cookies stored by Google, Twitter or Facebook).
  • Permanent cookies: These cookies remain on the user’s device for the duration determined in the cookie. They are activated each time the user visits the website that has stored this cookie (e.g. cookies stored by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). Most non-functional cookies are permanent cookies.
  • Session cookies: These cookies allow for the simplification of the actions taken by a user and link to each other during a browser session. A browser session starts when a user opens the browser window and ends when the user closes the browser window. Session cookies are stored temporarily. As soon as you close the browser, all session cookies will be deleted. Most functional cookies are session cookies.

List of cookies that this website uses

The table below lists the cookies that GeoDynamics might collect and any information that the cookies might store.

COOKIE name Domain COOKIE provider COOKIE description COOKIE retention period
__hssrc HubSpot This cookie is placed on your computer by HubSpot every time the session cookie is changed. The cookie is used to determine whether a user has restarted their browser. During the session
__cf_bm Cloudflare This cookie is placed on your computer by Cloudflare in order to provide support to the Cloudflare Bot Management. For incoming traffic, this cookie helps to manage criteria matching for bots. 30 minutes
__hssc HubSpot HubSpot places this cookie on your computer to track sessions and to help decide whether HubSpot needs to increase the session number and time stamps in the __hstc cookie. 30 minutes
test_cookie test_cookie is placed on a user’s computer by in order to determine whether their browser will support cookies. 15 minutes
_gid Google Analytics This cookie is placed on the computer by Google Analytics and it will store information about how a visitor makes use of a website, at the same time as creating an analytical report of the performance of the website. Data is anonymously collected about the number of visitors, the source, and which pages they visit. 24 hours
_ga Google Analytics This cookie is placed on the computer by Google Analytics and is used to calculate data about visitors, sessions and campaigns, as well as tracking usage on the site in order to generate a site analysis report. Information is stored anonymously in the cookie and the cookie assigns a randomly generated number so that it can recognise unique visitors. 2 years
UA_5048932_4 Google This cookie is placed on your computer by Google in order to differentiate between users. 1 minute
_gat_UA-5048932-13 Google Analytics This is a variant of the cookie placed on your computer by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so that website owners are able to track visitor behaviour and measure website performance. The pattern-like element in the name includes a unique identification number for the account or website to which it refers. 1 minute
__hstc HubSpot This is the main cookie placed on your computer by HubSpot for tracking visitors. It includes the domain, initial timestamp (first visit), last time stamp (last visit), current time stamp (this visit), and the session number (this number increases with each subsequent session). 6 months
hubspotutk HubSpot HubSpot places this cookie on your computer in order to keep track of the different visitors that visit a website. This cookie is transferred to HubSpot when a visitor submits a form and the cookie also used in order to prevent the duplication of contact details. 6 months
_gcl_au Google Tag Manager This is put in place by Google Tag Manager so that the advertising efficiency of various websites that use their services can be experimented with. 3 months

Disabling cookies

There are a number of options available to prevent the storage of cookies. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to learn how to block the storage of cookies.

It is worth remembering that when you decide to delete all your cookies, you will most likely have to enter all your usernames and passwords on all the websites you visit, which you did not have to think about previously. As already mentioned, cookies can be a real asset to your browsing experience on the web.

If you want to know more about cookies, please visit the website This website provides more information about cookies, explains in detail how to remove the cookies you find, and how you can allow trusted websites to store cookies on your computer.


GeoDynamics Is entitled to update this cookie policy by posting a new version of the policy on the website; GeoDynamics shall indicate the revision date of the policy at the top of the document. In this context, it is strongly recommended that you regularly consult the website and the page on which the cookie policy is displayed to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

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