Safety and security have always been top of mind for Geko Ypres Rally organizers, trying to bring down the risk inherent in motorsports to an absolute minimum. In their efforts to further enhance driver and marshal safety, Geko Ypres Rally organizers have decided to expand the use of the electronic car tracking system to the Ypres Historic Rally as well. The system, which was used in last years for all IRC competitors, ensures all cars are equipped with a safety system that replaces yellow flags and sends crews electronic alerts in case of incidents.

In previous editions the Geko Ypres Rally has used an advanced safety car tracking system that has been developed in close cooperation with Geodynamics, a Belgian company specialising professional vehicle tracking software. The system has been such a success that organizers have decided to also use it for the Historic Rally.

Rally Manager Alain Penasse comments: “Crew and marshal safety is essential in rallying. We used the mobile tracking system in the last editions of the rally and all IRC competitors as well as the F.I.A. were unanimous in praising the system. Based on this positive experience, we will now use the system for the Historic Rally as well. In total, no less than 240 cars will use the safety tracking system in the weekend of 21-23 June, making the Geko Ypres Rally the first one worldwide to use the system both for modern and historic rally cars.”

The main objective of the Safety Tracking System is to increase competitors’ safety during the event and use of the system is mandatory for all crews. Thanks to the technology, organizers can ? in real time – determine the exact location of each competitor, detect incidents during special stages or liaisons and warn crews of any obstructions on special stages by means of an electronic yellow flag system in the car.

Alain Penasse continues: “The system also features an emergency button connected to the GPS/GPRS box, enabling crews to let rally headquarters know that they were involved in an incident, and whether or not they medical assistance. In case of an emergency request, send out from the rally car, the whole rescue procedure starts immediately. Through the security tracking device, the clerk of the course can transmit a warning to the crews which could encounter any obstruction in the special stage by means of a yellow flag device mounted on the dashboard of the car.”

The 2012 Geko Ypres Rally, fifth rally of the IRC season, takes place 21-23 June.