As project managers, we often work on important projects
And, to keep everything perfectly under control, I should be permanently present on site and in the office at the same time.

Thanks to GeoDynamics, I can once again concentrate on my work without getting drowned in administration.
Because GeoDynamics registers everything correctly in real-time, which allows me to verify and intervene very quickly.

Joeri Beneens

A project manager is always overworked.
Site meetings, site visits, schedules, follow-up, etc.

On top of these tasks, there are also forecast and retroactive calculations that must be more than perfect.
That’s the reason why a project manager doesn’t stop working.

Fortunately, a modern project manager can count on many software tools.

Discover all the advantages below.

Check the attendance registration

Even if our solutions enable the automation of many processes, the responsibility of non-registration is heavy to bear.

That’s the reason why in lots of companies, the work of the project manager consists of controlling and following everything. However, it is not so easy on-site.

Fortunately, we propose tools:

Verification scan
Confirmation by email
Mobile apps
In this way, as a project manager, you quickly have the desired overview, and you can stay focused on your many other tasks.


Consult the hours performed per activity

Do you know how long your employees have been working on a task such as masonry, grooving or formwork?

You probably base yourself on averages and assertions from your colleagues.
And, it’s been going on for years.

Instead, opt for our intelligent registration of activities.
In this way, you will know how long tasks have taken down to the minute.

Furthermore, registration of activities can be achieved in different ways:

  • Using an activity table
  • Using mobile apps
  • Using an IVR (Interactive Voice Server)


Create schedules

Planning your employees requires a lot of discipline, follow-up and management.

Because, even if your planning is perfect today, unforeseen events can quickly ruin your hard work.

However, our tools enable you to follow your team perfectly:

Real-time follow-up thanks to track and trace
Management via Garmin
Site follow-up with time management
In summary, you can control everything without necessarily having to be the first person on-site.

Connecting with ERP systems

Do you establish the forecast and retroactive calculations in an ERP system specific to the building sector?
In that case, you can already benefit from many advantages of this solution.

And, thanks to our systems, you can go further.

We are connected with almost all of the building sector systems so that the data registered is imported automatically.

In this way, you benefit from the precision of:

  • hours performed,
  • realised tasks.

Would you like to know how much you can save?
Put your trust in our know-how and let us convince you with a free demonstration.