We had many lorries on the road, ensuring the delivery of our products, but we had little to no visibility on their exact location.
This was a huge waste of time in the follow-up of the planning.

But thanks to GeoDynamics, these problems are ancient history now.
The people in charge of planning are now perfectly able to follow each driver and even to let customers know the exact time of arrival!

Filip Vankeirsbilck
West-Vlaams Tegelhuis

The planner in a transport company has a very interesting job.
Even if he has established a perfect schedule, there is almost always a change to be made at the end of the day.

Traffic jams, setbacks, etc. are always getting in the way.

That’s why a good planner often has many years of experience, a good dose of common sense and won’t be intimidated by external factors.

That being said, a software tool can often be very useful.

Discover the advantages of our software for planners.

Follow up in real time

Where have they gone? A question that all planners must think about often.

In the past, you could easily call them.
With the new legislation, it is now forbidden without a hands-free kit.

Fortunately, the track and trace system allows you to know precisely where your drivers are.

  • You have an overview in real time
  • You can see the distance already covered
  • You can check the stops

Each of these operations guarantees better planning and fewer sleepless nights for the planner.


Communicate in real time

How to transfer a complex message to the driver?
By email, by text message, by telephone ? Unfortunately, none of these options will improve security.

However, there are advanced systems such as a Garmin link.
You can just leave a message in our software and it will appear on the GPS.

In addition, we propose various predefined messages:

  • Message Yes/No
  • Message OK
  • New assignment
  • Message Flash

Real-time modifications

A rapid intervention? A new customer? A delivery error?
No need to pull your hair out to solve this type of problem.

You can trust the GeoDynamics software:

  • Connect to the software
  • Indicate a place on the map
  • Check which driver is closest to this place
  • Contact the driver (using Garmin)
  • You can then contact your customer or supplier to give them the good news.

And you can believe us: a rapid intervention is more memorable than a successful delivery.

Always available

Does your customer call after work hours?
You are lucky if you are at home and your company computer is available.

Unless you decide to interrupt your free time to make some phone calls.

Fortunately, we have the mobile application that you need.
You can just use your smartphone to know immediately where everybody is.

Our application is available for both iPhone and Android.

So everyone can take advantage of our service.

Would you like to know how much time you can save?
Put your trust in our know-how and let us convince you with a free demonstration.