Every day, a good number of teams are working on over 25 building sites spread over the whole of Belgium. It wasn’t easy for us to register and process all the hours worked.

Luckily, GeoDynamics is helping us to save considerable time with salary administration. Thanks to time management, we have perfect control over the mobility allowance.

Lucas Delmulle

A Personnel Manager or an HR Director bears a high level of responsibility.
Amongst other things, he is responsible for the salaries, which is a heavy duty.

Besides the calculation of the salaries, it is necessary to follow the legislation, sick leave, holidays, etc.

Combine all that with the mobile employees and you will quickly understand that the last day of the month is often the busiest day.

Fortunately, we can propose many software tools that will help you save time.

Processing the salaries correctly

There is nothing more fastidious than processing the salaries of mobile workers.
They note their hours on pieces of paper that they hand in to the supervisor for processing.

That makes you, the company manager, lose so much time and money:

  1. The accuracy of the hours,
  2. The cost of processing the hours,
  3. Processing and stocking the papers.

Our time management allows you to save time and money.

We ensure the automatic registration and processing without using paper.


Check the attendance registration

If there is one thing for which the building sector is well known, it’s the high number of rules and laws.
If these rules guarantee a higher level of security to the workers and the companies, everything comes with a price.

In this case, the administrative formalities.

Since April 2014, the building sector has once again been the object of a new law: the registration of attendance.

Fortunately, we offer automatic tools to respect the CheckInAtWork almost instantly. So the control takes place directly on the building site and you do not have too worry about it any more.


Following the Work Collective Agreements

Look at the annual calendar of a personnel manager and you will note that January is often particularly busy.
The start of the year brings its list of seminars and information sessions concerning the latest updates.

Then starts the research phase. Am I respecting the latest rules of the WCA, are there any modifications, etc.?

There are many things to do in the building, installation and service sectors.

Mobile allowance
Legislation on CO2
Unfortunately our software automatically follows all legal provisions, which allows us to always provide you with the right numbers.


Link with the social secretariat

Have you finished the salary administration and now you only have to send it to the social secretariat?
You are no doubt doing double work.

After having checked, rewritten and completed the salaries, you will have to export them and rewrite them once again.

With our solution, this is also ancient history.

  • You can consult the hours worked in the software
  • Complete them if necessary (days off, etc.)
  • Export the hours directly to your social secretariat
  • In addition, you can print a copy for your employee.

If that isn’t a time saving, what is?


Would you like to know how much time you can save ?
Put your trust in our know-how and let us convince you with a free demonstration.