Project Description


About Willy Naessens

  • Established in Wortegem-Petegem
  • More than 400 million euros of turnover
  • More than 1,300 members of staff
  • More than 8,000 achievements

The challenge

Everybody knows Willy Naessens.

He is the incarnation of the self-made man in Belgium.

After his start as a chicken farmer and then as a cattle trader, ten years later he became the Belgian market leader of industrial construction and swimming pools.

This proud market leader obviously has a large fleet of vehicles.
Willy Naessens’ employees were having difficulties following the entire fleet of vehicles.
The heads of scheduling were losing considerable time in finding the location of the articulated lorries and trying to determine the arrival time at their final destination.

Furthermore, the personnel department was losing precious time calculating the mobility allowance as well as the hours performed by the mobile workforce.

Time registration

The solution

Thanks to the installation of a black box in the 200 or so articulated lorries and vans, the follow-up of the vehicle fleet has become child’s play.
At any time of day, the managers have a very clear view of the location of the vehicles and the number of kilometres travelled.

On the basis of this information, it’s possible to be very reactive and to respond very quickly to assignments.
It is also the ideal solution to determine and process the hours performed.

Thanks to the addition of a badge reader, you can infallibly determine the hours performed as well as the mobility allowance per worker.

Indeed, every employee has a personnel badge.

With this badge, the employees indicate at which hours they start/finish working.

All this data is sent in real-time to our secured servers, after which it is available and immediately editable in our software.

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The advantages to date

The search for a reliable partner doesn’t happen from one day to the next.
Every possible supplier is measured according to different criteria.

GeoDynamics answered to all the demands of Willy Naessens, and today this collaboration is still a successful marriage.

Both the ease of use and excellent after-sales service are important assets, as is the automated connection between GeoDynamics and the Willy Naessens ERP suite.

The result?
Willy Naessens can control everything with a simple click.

His employees save considerable time and avoid having to do twice the work.
In the meantime, Willy Naessens also uses one of our innovative solutions in terms of attendance registration.
Another device which helps him to make substantial savings.

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