Project Description


About BAM Belgium

  • 1,250 members of staff
  • Successful European construction group
  • Large fleet of vehicles

The challenge

The Royal BAM Group is a flourishing European construction group, with activities in five countries.

In Belgium, the construction companies Betonac, CEI-Demeyer, Galère and Interbuild belong to this group.

With over 1,250 members of staff, salary administration at the Royal BAM Group is not an easy job.

This is especially true in a sector where the salary is made up of both working hours and mobility allowance.

That’s why the Royal BAM Group started looking for an automated system that would save them both time and money.
However, an automatic link to the ONSS for attendance registration was also at the top of their wish list.

Track and trace

The solution

The Royal BAM Group contacted GeoDynamics after having contacted several other companies.

They were one of the first to establish an automatic link to the ONSS and already had 320 clients who were successfully using their software.
The 8 innovative solutions that they propose allow the automated registration of attendance.

However, these solutions can also be connected smoothly to the mobile time registration, another cutting-edge product by GeoDynamics.
Thanks to a badge reader or an activity table, the employees on a building site can easily enter the hours they start/finish work.

There is so much information that is available in real time in the GeoDynamics software, which means that the salary administration can be carried out quickly and correctly.

Consequently, the Royal BAM Group decided to place its trust in GeoDynamics and to equip its entire fleet of 550 vehicles.

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The advantages to date

Kris Hansen, one of the project managers, is extremely satisfied so far with the collaboration with GeoDynamics.

These solutions are so diversified that a large company such as Royal BAM Group has found the perfect way to automate the CheckInAtWork system for each of its employees.

Many building sites have already used the GeoDynamics site terminal, while other solutions are perfect for road works sites.

In this respect, they are saving considerable amounts of time and money and thanks to the mobile time registration.

We are saving a lot of time thanks to GeoDynamics.

Kris Hansen, Royal BAM Group

Since processing the attendance registration through GeoDynamics, we are able to sleep soundly again.

From now on, the employees take care of their own registration. We can simply consult the system and make any adjustments where necessary.

Vehicles equipped
Satisfied customers
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