Project Description


About earthworks Degro

  • 35 employees
  • 2 subsidiaries
  • Continuous expansion of the machine park
  • Created in 1991

The challenge

Since its creation in 1991, Degro has offered a wide range of solutions for individuals, industrial clients and public services.

The company is specialised in earthworks, the grading and stabilisation of soil, roadworks and drainage, casing, demolition, recycling, maintenance of waterways (700 kilometres per year), etc.

Naturally they have a huge machine park, notably with three mobile crushers.

Given that the certification bodies CERTIPRO and COPRO have to be able to track online the use of each crusher authorised in Flanders, Degro is obliged to send the information relating to the location of the work site, the operational situation of the mobile crusher (running or idle) and the hours during which the mobile crusher is active, to a central database (managed by VITO).

Track and trace

The solution

In order to comply, Degro has had to equip its mobile crushers is with a track and trace system.

The company contacted GeoDynamics, a top specialist in geo-tracking software solutions.

GeoDynamics transformed the necessity into an advantage, because aside from the automatic connectivity with the VITO server, its track-and-trace technology offers numerous extra advantages (real-time localisation, meeting scheduling, tracking of the number of operating hours, etc.).

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The advantages to date

“We use the system primarily to determine how many hours the machine still has on the meter, which allows us to know how much time remains before maintenance is due and therefore when it should be planned. Of course that’s beneficial both for the performance and for the life-cycle,” explains Lode Desot, manager at Degro.

“That’s why we installed the GeoDynamics system on almost all our vehicles and machines, including our excavators, lorries, vans, for time registration.
At first, we fumbled a little with the connection to the VITO server, but since then everything is running smoothly.

The GeoDynamics after sales service provides 100% satisfaction.”

We save a lot of time thanks to GeoDynamics!

Lode Desot, Earthworks Degro

Tracking and planning the maintenance has become child’s play thanks to the GeoDynamics system.

Whereas previously, I was dependent on information given to me by my employees, now I can see the situation at any time and react on the spot.


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