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About Clima & Partners

  • Active throughout Belgium
  • Located in Wijnegem
  • Turnover of more than 10 million euros
  • 75 employees

The challenge

The growth of the last few years has not been without administrative hurdles at Clima & Partners.

With more than 30 vehicles and many employees on the road day after day, ensuring personnel administration for mobile employees and keeping track of the precise position of the vehicles has not been a picnic for Clima & Partners.

“It had become more than a full-time job to decipher and encode all our installers’ and technicians’ work orders,” said Olaf Reyntjens.
“What’s more, we were finding it more and more difficult to map the exact location of our vehicles.

Finding their position was often complex and extremely inefficient.”

Clima & Partners needed an efficient system that could help them deal with the work orders and easily display the exact position of all the vehicles.

Time registration

The solution

Clima & Partners was able to count on GeoDynamics, the market leader in registration applications for mobile employees, to find solutions.

GeoDynamics showed them the Intellitracer system.

Thanks to a black box, Clima & Partners now have an overview in real time of the position of all the vehicles.

By adding a badge reader/registration panel, the Clima & Partners employees can easily register the time they started/finished work thanks to their personnel badge.
The salary administration is based on this data and thanks to GeoDynamics’ knowledge of the sector’s collective agreements, all the provisions (such as loading/unloading, mobility allowance, etc.) are dealt with without the slightest difficulty.

At the end of the week, Clima & Partners’ administrative employees only have to control the data and adapt it if necessary, before sending it to SD Worx, the social secretariat of Clima & Partners, which is linked to GeoDynamics.

“Previously, one of my administrative employees had to collect and input the written hours of all the technicians, after which there was still a lot of work to do to control all the data,” Olaf Reyntjens acknowledges.

“Now, we save time on the Administration as well as being certain that all the hours worked and the data are automatically dealt with by the social secretariat, which is an extra saving for us.”

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The advantages to date

After having been a customer of GeoDynamics for several years, Clima & Partners has gone one step further in the collaboration.
An activity log allows mobile employees to indicate which projects they are busy on.

This data provides a wealth of information for retroactive calculations.
“Previously, we knew exactly the number of hours worked by the studies department and the other departments within a project, but during the installation, we often lost the big picture.

Now, the technicians and installers tell us which projects they are working on and the information about the hours worked arrives centrally in the software.” says Olaf Reyntjens.
The localisation is a considerable asset within the company.

“The service and support are our leading advantages,” comments Olaf Reyntjens.
“Therefore we are available to our customers day and night.

If a customer calls us for an urgent intervention, we can determine exactly which vehicle and technician are closest to the customer.”

The GeoDynamics text messaging service has proved to be very useful on multiple occasions.
“Thanks to the text messaging server integrated in our application, customers can easily send text messages,” says Stijn Stragier.
Customers can send a text message to their mobile employees’ GSM and no longer have to call them on the phone during their work.
This also allows us to obtain a clear history.”

We save a lot of time thanks to GeoDynamics

Olaf Reyntjens, Clima & Partners

The GeoDynamics solution helps us to make substantial savings, whilst at the same time being very flexible for the installations.
Our vehicles are bought from the Mercedes TTA garage in Antwerp and GeoDynamics installs the black boxes directly in them, even on Saturday!

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