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About Aannemingen Verhelst

  • 4 generations since 1958
  • Located in Oudenburg near to Ostend
  • Various branches
  • Class 8 company

The challenge

The legislation concerning the tracking of attendance has been in place since 1 April 2014,
resulting in the obligation for companies in the construction sector to register on certain building sites.

In practice, anyone who is active in the construction of a building on a construction site with a total value of minimum 800,000 is obliged to register before accessing the site.

This information is then sent to the ONSS (Belgian Social Security Office) who is trying to put an end to social dumping, using CheckInAtWork.

With over 150 employees in service, this is more a burden than a blessing for large companies such as Aannemingen Verhelst.
They have to spend a huge amount of time on administrative formalities in order to comply with the new legislation.

Johan Verhelst, Managing Director of Aannemingen Verhelst, was on the lookout for a system that would allow all employees to manage their time registration themselves without losing sight of the general overview.

Time registration

The solution

From the start, GeoDynamics was involved in the ONSS project and as one of the first suppliers, we even had an automated link to the ONSS.

We help companies to completely, or almost completely, automate the attendance registration of employees through six solutions.
Aannemingen Verhelst chose to install activity logs in all of their vehicles.

These allow the company to comply with attendance registration whilst at the same time making the calculations easier afterwards. They help to automate salary administration, including mobility allowance.

The way it works is quite simple.

All employees of Aannemingen Verhelst have a personnel badge containing all the mandatory information for the ONSS.

Once they arrive on the building site, they just scan their badge and enter the site code.
The information is sent in real time to the GeoDynamics servers before being transferred to the ONSS.

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The advantages to date

Johan Verhelst, Managing Director of Aannemingen Verhelst, confirms that, thanks to this system, over 65% of attendance registration can be done automatically.

Consequently, Aannemingen Verhelst is saving time.

The major problem remains with the subcontractors as they are also obliged to register themselves.
Luckily, at GeoDynamics, we have other systems that are perfectly suited to use by subcontractors.

We are saving a lot of time thanks to GeoDynamics.

Johan Verhelst, Aannemingen Verhelst

Thanks to GeoDynamics, we are able to comply with complex legislation, such as attendance registration, without the slightest difficulty.
It doesn’t lead to any overhead for our administrative personnel, and we can continue to focus on our core business.

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